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With a penchant for mixing classical, contemporary, and pop styles Dr. Warmath has spent her life pursuing a love of music that incorporates many types of artistic expressions. This, in combination with an affinity towards performing, be it classical or otherwise, has lead to collaborations with a variety of acclaimed artists and musicians--from pop artist Sting to acclaimed classical cellist Yo-Yo Ma and all the way to the Hollywood movie recording studios.

Based in Los Angeles, Jordan maintains an active freelancing career as both a player and teacher. She performs frequently with the Pasadena, New West, Riverside, and Bakersfield Symphonies. Additionally, she serves as Principal Viola for the Westside Chamber Orchestra and assistant principal for the Pacific Opera Project. As a rising session musician she has recorded the soundtracks for many popular movies and television shows. She recently recorded episodes for Star Trek Strange New Worlds, The Mandalorian, and Obi-Wan. She has repeatedly worked with acclaimed composer Lorne Balfe both as a player for live performances of his works and as a session musician for his soundtracks. She has premiered 2 contemporary operas, both nominated for awards.

Jordan has also been mentored by many acclaimed classical musicians including Jonathon Moerschel, Helen Callus, Ivo-Jan Van der Werff, Sheila Brown, members of the Danish String Quartet amd Kronos String Quartet, and Karen Ritscher. 

Jordan plays on an 1863 viola by Eugenio Degani and on a 1924 violin from German, Paul Knorr.

2021 Game awards: Sting and Ray Chen

MAKIE Music Video (Jordan on Strings)

Scott Ordway

Brahms piano quintet. Dialogues Concert

Romance? World Premiere

Confusion: fox recording

DMA recital: Schnittke viola concerto Mvmt 1 and 2

Article: Elemental Music Teacher Feature

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