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Image by Joel Wyncott

I find my purpose as a teacher is to help my students learn how to express themselves through their chosen instrument. My goal is to help them become the best player possible while equipping them with the tools to be the best overall musician, self-teacher, and kind human that they can be. I utilize the Suzuki method in addition to songs from the Pop, Rap, and Contemporary repertoire as vehicles to teach excellent technique that then allows them to find their voice in music. Additionally, the skills acquired in learning an instrument such as time management, perseverance, communication, and accountability are valuable in all areas of life. My absolute favorite aspect of music is that if one simply spends time practicing something, it will absolutely get better.  There are few other things in life that teach such an excellent work ethic with such a clear and direct benefit.

Image by Bundo Kim
Nicole G.
(Santa Monica Parent)

Dr. J is a great teacher! My daughter started taking classes with her online. If I am honest I was a little bit skeptical, how should my daughter which was barely starting to learn to play a viola will improve by taking classes online. Well, Dr. J did an amazing job and after two months my daughter improved a lot. She has been taking classes with Dr. J for almost 3 years now and we are planning to continue until my daughter graduate high school. 
Thank you Dr. J!

Jordan was the perfect teacher for my daughter during middle and high school. She has a great energy and her laugh is infectious!

(Santa Monica Parent)
(Santa Monica High School 2024/Brown University 2028)

I liked that Jordan was an integrated teacher who taught me a variety of skills. She was also really fun and always asked me about other things that were going on in my life.

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